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Text2Audio generates MP3 audio files from text and offers the option to either download them or play them directly in your web browser. It utilizes Google's text-to-speech API for this purpose. Just enter or paste the text you want to listen to, and it will read it aloud for you.

Initially, Text2Audio was developed as a personal tool to generate audio for my TikTok video. However, it has since grown in popularity and is now used by thousands of individuals for various applications and needs.


What is Text2Audio?

Text2Audio is an online text-to-speech tool that enables you to convert text into audio files, which can be played or downloaded.

How to convert text to audio?

To convert text into audio (mp3 files) using Text2Audio, you need to enter the text first (or drag your text file into the text box), then select the language (you can choose to split the text into smaller paragraphs), and finally perform the conversion.

What are the uses of this?
  • Provide tts (text-to-speech) functionality for individuals with visual impairments or reading difficulties.
  • Develop interactive story applications where the text is narrated based on user choices.
  • Assist users in learning the correct pronunciation of words in different languages.
  • Turn written notes or memos into spoken messages for easy listening.
  • Create instructional videos for training purposes within organizations.
  • ...
Is it free to use?

Certainly, the application is completely free, with no charges, plans, or quotas.